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Notice to Sheep and Goat Owners

Identification Requirements for Sheep and Goats for the

National Scrapie Eradication Program

Effective October 9, 2008

Tagging Requirements
Public and/or Private Sales

1.  Florida regulation (5C-29), requires that ALL sheep and goats regardless of age must be
    official individually identified (ID) with the USDA official ear tags, for the National Scrapie
    Eradication Program, prior to entering intrastate commerce.  Breed registry tattoos may be
    used for animals if accompanied by the breed registration certificate.

2.  Animals received at a market or sale without official ID must be identified by the owner
    before commingling with other animals.  Market management may agree to act as agent
    for the owner.

3.  Animals without ID must be immediately returned to the farm of origin.

NOTE:  To obtain official ear tags, the owner must first obtain a flock/herd identification number.   Flock/herd ID number and official ear tags MUST be obtained from the USDA.


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