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Heartworm Prevention Policy


Heartworm prevention is a prescription medication!!

As a result, if your pet has not been consistently on prevention with proof either from our records, purchase receipts, or previous veterinary records, we require a negative heartworm test prior to dispensing this medication.  The purpose of the negative test is to prevent potential adverse reactions that may occur if your heartworm positive dog is placed on the prevention.

Our obligation to our clients as mandated by the Florida Board of Veterinary Medicine, Board Rules:

  • 474.201 (12)  "Veterinarian/client/patient relationship" means a relationship where the veterinarian has assumed the responsibility form making medical judgements regarding the health of the animal and its need for medical treatment.

  • 474.214 (1) (y) Using the privilege of orderding, prescribing, or making available medicinal drugs as defined in chapter 465, or controlled substances ad defined in chapter 893, for use other than for the specific treatment of animal patients for which there is a documented veterinarian/client/patient relationship.


Thank you for you understanding,

Lakewood Animal Hospital.