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Breaking News!!!
It has been brought to our attention and confirmed after speaking with several local veterinarians the Canine Flu Virus (H3N2) has been confirmed in Tallahassee. At present there is one dog that is a confirmed positive and another that is suspected of the disease. This virus is extremely virulent and can make your pet extremely sick. With it now being confirmed in Tallahassee, we are taking extreme caution with regards to the well-being and safety of your pet and others. Starting next week all our canine routine drop-offs and boarders will be required to be vaccinated for the Canine Flu Virus. Because of the extreme virulence of this virus we STRONGLY recommend that you vaccinate your pet immediately prior to being dropped off or boarded. For boarders we are recommending they be vaccinated at least one week prior to boarding. 
If you suspect that your pet is suffering from flu-like symptoms:
Decreased appetite
Nasal discharge 
Extreme lethargy
We are asking that you call the clinic from the parking lot (850-562-5116) and DO NOT enter the building. We will come to you and escort you and your pet immediately to an exam room we are using specifically for examination and treatment of those potentially infected pets.
What is the Canine Flu (H3N2)? It is an extremely virulent virus that only effects dogs. At present there are only a few confirmed cases in our area but nearly 100% of all exposed dogs become infected. 
The virus is transmitted by coming in contact with either an infected dog or environment. 
The virus may also be carried on clothing. The virus is not transmittable to humans.
So how do you protect your pet? Vaccination. The vaccine is a two part initial series, three weeks apart and then yearly. It is also recommended for the time being to avoid heavy dog areas like dog parks, dog shows, and boarding facilities. Will the vaccine guarantee immunity for your pet, NO, but it will greatly diminish the symptoms if your pet becomes infected.
There is also a test that can be done and submitted to an outside lab to confirm if your pet has the virus. This is done by a nasal swab and/or conjunctival swabs. 
If you have questions regarding the Canine Flu virus or vaccination, feel free to contact our office at 850-562-5116 and we will be happy to discuss the issue with you.